To revolutionize the conversation of health in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

To bridge access gaps and to increase awareness and usage of health resources.

To self-empower residents to embrace a healthier life in order to reduce obesity and chronic disease throughout the region.

Obesity Rates

Saginaw County is the most obese county in Michigan, while Bay City County is in the top 5.

Saginaw County adult obesity rate is 38.9%.

Bay City County adult obesity rate is 31.8%. 

*Source: Centers for Diesease Control*


Mid-Michigan Health Revolution is here to help us revolutionize and improve health in Mid-Michigan.  We plan on beginning that process through creation of a communication platform focused on HEALTH!  The Bay Area’s health is in desperate need of reform and we need your help to make that change.  For years, our great mitten state has been one of the most obese in the nation. And Saginaw and Bay counties are in the top 5 counties in the entire state!  Although these numbers are impressive, they are nothing to brag about. Obesity is directly linked to overall wellness in both adults and children including the big killers; diabetes and heart disease.  A health revolution is sweeping our nation and we are being left behind. It is time to step up.

We are asking for your support as we take on this challenge.  All of us are directly impacted by the health of our region. Either a loved one, friend, or us, is struggling with weight, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or all the above.  Let’s help them and help ourselves.  Find answers and reach out for support.  This initiative will help bring people together and help us all see that we are not alone on this health journey.  It is a difficult one and not easy to conquer alone.  The more support we have in each other the stronger we all become.  

Kick Off Event

Year one we will be creating the base, creating a buzz and laying foundations for an ongoing communication platform.  

The kick off event and Press Release party will be April 28th from 2-6pm at Valley Lanes in Midland.  This fundraising event will include fun events for the entire family, a car smash, and a kick off of our regional “biggest loser”.  Make sure to come ready to participate in raffles and to buy tickets to smash a CAR!  

Proceeding years will include additional events, contests, regional incentives, improvements on food access, and increased partnerships.  Each year will build on the next, build on momentum and participation to gradually increase health and reduce disease and obesity throughout our great region.

Call to Action

Joining is as simple as joining the Facebook page created for this initiative. The page will function as the main communication platform. Members of the page will have access to health tips, become aware of classes and seminars that all of us provide, ask questions, find local support, and much more.

Today is the day to make a change!

Please contact us for more information.

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